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What are the characteristics of auto parts rack?
2022-07-11 09:43:33

Problems in the development of auto parts industry

1. Unreasonable industrial structure

From the current development of domestic auto parts enterprises, on the whole, it is still at a low level. There are many production enterprises, but they are relatively scattered. Large and small parts manufacturers are all over the country, but there are few large-scale ones. Due to the decentralization of manufacturers, the competitive advantage of enterprises is not prominent, the data accumulation is small, and the R & D capacity is general, which cannot meet the large-scale demand of foreign investors.

Auto parts

2. The accuracy of production plan is not high

Parts manufacturers usually purchase raw materials according to the expected order quantity. However, due to the long procurement cycle of raw materials or the change of the demand of the main engine factory, the actual procurement quantity often lags behind the actual demand, resulting in the high raw material cost of the auto parts factory.

3. Unbalanced manufacturing process

Automobile welding, coating, final assembly, etc. have the characteristics of "flow production". Once the line stops, the loss is huge, so it puts forward higher requirements for the balance of the whole process of production and manufacturing.

4. High production cost

The development environment of China's auto parts is facing the cost pressure of upstream and downstream, which is difficult to control, and the profit space is becoming increasingly narrow.

5. Unreasonable on-site production management

The process of parts production is complex, the production cycle is long, and the delivery is also very frequent. However, in order to meet the needs of customers, it is necessary to track the production progress of the production site at any time and balance the operating load capacity of the equipment; However, due to the incomplete basic data, the complexity of the production site and the production progress can not be fed back in time, and various data entry operations rely on manpower, which makes the production efficiency of the enterprise very low.

The material rack of auto parts shall have the characteristics of safety protection, good quality, high operation efficiency and high logistics efficiency. The details are summarized as follows:

1、 Safety protection is required for the material rack of auto parts: the safety here includes the safety of operators and parts in the process of logistics operation. Effective waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, rust proof, anti-collision, etc. must be achieved in the transportation of parts.

2、 The material rack of auto parts should be of good quality: prevent the protection failure of parts caused by logistics packaging design, manufacturing problems, container quality and other problems, thus affecting the quality of parts.

3、 The operation efficiency of the material rack of auto parts is high: the standardized logistics packaging requires reasonable packaging, which neither leads to insufficient protection of parts nor excessive packaging, which reduces the production efficiency and makes it difficult to take and place parts, resulting in a waste of working hours.

4、 The material rack of auto parts needs high logistics efficiency: when designing logistics containers, pallets, iron material racks and other logistics packaging products, the loading efficiency of transportation vehicles should be fully considered to greatly improve the logistics efficiency. When selecting standardized logistics container pallets, we should consider the effective length, width and height of pick-up vehicles, so as to make full use of space efficiently, and make each pallet unit be able to be stacked in a standard manner, and each cargo stack is close to a cubic unit, so as to facilitate the statistical calculation of cargo volume and reasonably arrange the tonnage of pick-up trucks.